Open Range believes that everyone and everywhere  has untapped potential.  We use a proprietary strategy that gives us the unique ability to help ventures reach that potential.


Venture Investing is a partnership.  Open Range works to make that partnership real.  We have a life long love of new technology, disruptive business models and having fun making both of them real.   Venture Capitalists can be rough on Founders – we try to work with our founders to bring their ideas to life.


The Innovation Hubs are critical to a venture’s ability to succeed.  We have studied Innovation Hubs and how to build the missing elements into new ventures.  New founders and seasoned veterans both benefit from the supporting structures and services of a best of breed Innovation Hub.


Some investments position us for longer term value – they become a project. We work with our investors and experts to pick the best projects we can and the best locations to create infrastructure that is both lasting and technical – building the elements of a technical ecosystem that the world will need.