Our motto is “Industrializing Innovation – the Next Revolution.”  We believe in a vision of open opportunities limited only by our ambition to make ourselves and others succeed.  These pages help you learn how Open Range uses its unique blend of expertise and span to identify opportunities that cover multiple geographies and industries.  We choose to focus on technology not as the only element of investment, but as a part of the total vision that creates value.  As part of that, we invest in the way that vision is created and the ecosystem that makes all of this come together.

Vision and Strategy

Open Range is the result of a passionate belief in a vision.  The vision of innovation everywhere.  To build innovation everywhere, we must do more than simply be ready to invest in regional centers where innovative people live.  We must build the framework for fostering and developing that innovation.

Leadership Team

Open Range did not just spring to life.  It was brought to life by an experienced team, well seasoned.

Board of Advisors

Good people choose other smart people to help and advise them.  We dug deep into the people we know and brought forward those people that we knew could add to us and make us even more powerful.

Advisors and Subject Matter Experts

Even people that teach need to keep learning.  We carefully pick people to help us help the innovation hubs and ventures to grow and thrive.

Corporate Support

Along with all the other things in life, Open Range has carefully selected some folks to help us.  We never forget that we are able to work because these people help us.