2003 – How it All Began…

In the early 2000’s, Karl and Suresh were working at the same multi-national conglomerate.  While working on helping an acquired business that was starting to have issues, they formed a strong bond over their shared interests in technology, lifelong learning and helping others.  Karl and Suresh continued to work together.  After Suresh left the multi-national to become a serial entrepreneur, they continued to consult with each other and help in ventures and ideas.

2003-2016 Growing Wiser

For several years, Suresh and Karl advanced on parallel paths.  Suresh reformed and expanded a medical services company and then worked with a startup working in manufacturing.  Karl drove technology forward within his company, using accelerator techniques to drive adoption of the new and great technology.  Suresh wrote a work on the 3rd American dream – that of using innovation to own and build our own success.  He practiced what he preached by helping to setup accelerators at Georgia Tech and became a mentor and entrepreneur in residence for one of them.

2016-2018 Time for Change

By 2016, both Karl and Suresh were ready for more.  Karl had worked within his company trying to accelerate the adoption of technology while helping teams succeed.  Suresh had worked with teams in Atlanta helping them to succeed.  Suresh worked with a venture fund, and in 2017, brought Karl in.  They continued their work with startups and accelerators, developing that into a more scientific approach to analyzing accelerators – not just the list of ventures that succeed or fail, but more information about why some accelerators have ventures that succeed more.  They saw that that there was the potential to take a more methodical approach to accelerating technology and helping the ventures in that technology succeed.  They saw how to create innovation on a model that scales, industrializing innovation.  And saw that they could be so much more.  So in mid-2018 they agreed to found Open Range Capital Partners.

2018 to Today – Building the  Core Team

Since its founding, Open Range Capital has been building more and more on the premise that innovation is a human right.  To help us keep a business that maintains our high standards for financial and personal integrity, we brought in Umang Thakkar as someone to guide ourselves and our ventures financially.   We have reached out to many people that we feel can contribute their skills and experience as advisors both to us and to our ventures on technology and business practices.    As we work with potential accelerators, we have identified several potential Executive Directors for Accelerators.  And as we move forward, we will bring in more and more people to help us build the organization from a world-class idea to a world-class reality.

We Hold These Truths

Open Range Capital is built on the premise that innovation lives everywhere and in everyone.  We work with ventures to invest and help them become better ventures.  We work with accelerators to help them become better accelerators.  And we work with regions to create innovation where people live, not just in designated centers for success.  Because opportunity lives where we live, not just in certain places.

No Venture is an Island

Open Range Capital is always looking for people that want to participate with us in building this future.  If you would like to work with us, reach out to one of the founders here.


Suresh and Karl have been long-time colleagues and partners in a number of businesses, initiatives and ventures for past 18 years. First coming together in GE (General Electric), they have grown several business units, did Due Diligence on large number of technology ventures, integrated and turned around M&A across industry sectors, and nurtured their growth globally. Brief bios placed at the end.

Advisors & Subject Matter Experts

Our leadership team and advisors have 200 years of multi-disciplinary industry, business, finance, investment, technology and operations experience

  • Further, over past several years, we have built a credible directly functioning framework of a global network of over 120 trusted ‘subject-matter experts’ (SMEs) with deep multiple industry insights and cross-cultural experience