Open Range uses its unique blend of expertise and span to identify opportunities that cover multiple geographies and industries.  We choose to focus on technology not as the only element of investment, but as a part of the total vision that creates value.  As part of that, we invest in the way that vision is created and the ecosystem that makes all of this come together.



Investment is the core of any capital company.  Open Range Investment is based on our scientific study of what makes startups succeed and fail.  We pick startups that have been through accelerators, a process that makes them test their assumptions and build capabilities they will need to survive and thrive.

Innovation Hubs

When your investment methodology uses innovation hubs, the best thing you can do is become smarter on what makes some innovation hubs succeed.  At Open Range, we have done just that, using careful study to determine the successful innovation hubs and the less successful ones.  We invest in the better innovation hubs, and help to create innovation hubs where they don’t already exist.

Special Projects

Some investments position us for longer term value – they become a project.  We work with our investors and experts to pick the best projects we can and the best locations to create infrastructure that is both lasting and technical – building the elements of a technical ecosystem that the world will need.