Innovation Hubs

For all new growth, the environment is everything

It takes a village to build a startup – they depend on their environment, known as an innovation ecosystem.  In Open Range, we start by understanding the science of making that startup succeed.  We have studied startups and startup acceleration.  We went so far as to write a book about it – “Industrializing Innovation: The Next Revolution“.  When we build out those ecosystems, we call them an “Innovation Hub“.  And they are key to changing the way we bring technology forward.

Startups exist on a continuum.  Early stage ventures need one kind of help, and as they grow the kind of help they need changes.  Most accelerators in innovation hubs exist on the same continuum, but they focus on a narrow piece of that continuum.  Worse, the accelerators build out only a part of the entire ecosystem.  They succeed more because they screen hundreds of ventures than because they bring ventures forward using that part of the ecosystem, not the entire coordinated concert of communities.

Open Range takes a different view.  We know that starting a new technology venture is hard.  Without the support of an ecosystem, the vast majority of ventures will fail.  We build out the innovation ecosystem where it does not exist.  When there are some elements, Open Range works with those elements.  We also build services designed to bolster the full range of where startups are: from the very beginning through building product and into growth.

A key advantage for Open Range Innovation Hubs is our ability to bring them to where innovators live.  We look for geographies that are brimming with potential:

  • Great potential for development
  • Universities and an educated population
  • Industries that have a strong potential for disruption
  • Growing populations
  • Access to technology, but a limited innovation ecosystem

We build an innovation hub by starting with the community.  The local industry, the local entrepreneurs, and the local people.  We offer the ability bring ideas forward, develop them and help the entrepreneurs build companies out of their concepts.

Once the venture is started, our innovation hub help it build, with bolstering services.  These include regular trainings, templates for business fundamentals, accounting setup and trainings and technology support.  Unlike conventional accelerators, we build innovation hubs to be self-sustaining, offering office space and services that help keep businesses functioning.

When you invest in Open Range, you invest in a team dedicated to promoting innovation everywhere people invent.  When you work with Open Range, you join a team of experts in innovation and operations that focus talent on making things happen.