Open Range Investment focuses on ventures that are on the cusp of greatness.  We look for ventures that have taken the effort to position themselves well, understand their business model, maybe even have really cool technology, but they need investment.  We work with those ventures to help them soar into greatness!

Working in the Real Investing World

  • 1. Work Matters

    We do the work.  Venture Investing means understanding the technology and how that technology fits into the real world.

  • 2. We keep a profile for success.

    It is not enough to learn from your own mistakes, you need to learn from others  We study what makes ventures succeed and what makes them fail.

  • 3. 'VC' should always mean 'Venture' not 'Vulture'

    Some venture capitalists look for the moment when they push a venture into distress simply so that they can take advantage when the time comes. Not Open Range.  Our vision it to be successful by helping to make success happen and not by pushing until we take over.

  • 4. Sloppy Prep means sloppy businesses

    We don’t ignore the basics.  We help startups transform from the early stages into tightly run organizations that operate to the highest standards.

  • 5. Disruption Matters

    Cool technology is, well, cool.  But it is not enough.  Cool technology needs to have disruptive applications in order to matter, so that is where we look.  We look beyond the trendy into what they are really doing and seek the value in how this will change the world, not in how it might change it in 20 years.