Special Projects - Building Lasting Value

To Build Things that Last, Invest in Strength

Open Range invests in the infrastructure of technology, not just in the new and flashy.  Investments in infrastructure can take longer to mature, but they carry value forward in a more substantial way.  For Open Range, this can mean not only the brick and mortar of buildings and land, but also in the technology infrastructure that forms the basis of the next generation of technology.

When we find these projects, we offer them to selected investors as a means of still achieving substantial results at a lower risk.  The projects are then invested by Open Range and built out by the best professionals in the business.

Just a few examples:

  • New Innovation Ecosystems in under-served areas
  • Core technology that is used to build disruptive applications
  • Developer infrastructure to enable new ventures
  • Security tools and processes that build safety into the future

Special Purpose Investments

Good investments sometimes don’t fit into a single place

There is a danger of staying so narrow of focus that the ability to see new opportunities is lost.  At Open Range, we stay open to the opportunities that are out there that may not be on the “list” of things we do.  We never lose sight of where our expertise lies, but we do keep our eyes open to the new, the emerging, and the areas that simply not where others are looking.