VISION: Open Range Capital Partners (ORCP) is in the business of “industrializing innovation”. We invest, create, build and grow communities of Innovation Hubs and Startups for repeatable outsized value creation for all, and superior ROI for investors

WHY: Today, 20th century ‘brick-n-mortar’ companies are adopting new digital technologies to transform their businesses. Our daily lives are getting more and more digitally connected, socially networked, and integrated through smarter devices. Boundaries between traditional industry sectors and new digitized enterprises are getting blurred. There is a tectonic shift in our buying, consuming and living behavior. However, a huge market gap exists in mainstream America for effective investment vehicles that can foster and rigorously nurture digital transformation, and also create the much needed next generation innovation ecosystems (e.g., good startup accelerators) in Tier II, Tier III cities and other major university towns.

HOW: We not only invest into early growth pre-vetted digital startups but also into next generation innovation hubs across the heartland of America  (i.e., collaborative learning and support services infrastructure with shared working space) to foster repeatable and massive commercialization of innovations. This approach helps de-risk the startups as well as our investment through quality mentoring, follow on infusion of capital, and ensures accelerated global growth and EXITs. In addition to being a value investor, we are an innovation factory. While traditional VC investments fail 8 times out of 10, our experience and deep insights from working with good quality accelerators shows virtually the opposite results. Our data shows almost 60-90% are poised for success and superior growth. Success being defined when ventures can grow profitably. This is changing the game.

Our 360 degree differentiated approach results in superior de-risking and better ROI